It’s summer of handsfree bags

Whether you’re going to dance the stars of the sky at the summer festival or go shopping for a while, these bags are giant hand and super hip. It’s all about those 80’s trends: fanny packs – those pockets that carry your hips – are weather and vogue. But in a modern version. Nowadays you just wrap your leather handbag around your hips, or crossover your skirt, or on your back …
The fashion designers took the 1980s fanny packs as a starting point and further released their fantasy. Forgotten are the envelope bags of a few years ago that you carried a lot of Ladylike in your hand or clenched under your arm, with all the inconvenience that came with it: no space for your dumbbells, one hand constantly occupied by that little bag plus an increased risk of losing the bag itself because how often did you not scatter it somewhere?

No, do these hands-free bags with quite a bit of space and that safe “I-carry-my-bag-on-my-body” feel (only with that “bag-on-back” construction is it look out for because you have less control). Not to mention the look. It’s super cool!

Let your imagination go. Experiment with your handbags, pick up some chains or combine different hinges. Mix and match and construct your own handsfree bags.