Street style at Chanel. Inspire your own autumn look!

The Chanel Fashion Show is an event not only because of the show itself but also the whole thing about it. Photographing Street Style at Chanel is the dream of every street style photographer, even though there has been a lot of change in recent years.


Chanel still shows, as always, at the Grand Palais, the immensely large glass exhibition hall that was built for the world exhibition in Paris in 1900, but the location around the Grand Palais is becoming less accessible. Once upon a time, you could enlist the Chanel invitees for the impressive entrance gates of the Palais, but there is no more of it. Large gates close down the stairs and the pavement for the Palais. You can only get there if you have a ‘ carte ‘ (invitation). Street style photographers should do it with a side street with penetration gates as decor.

The public (the invitees) themselves, however, has changed little, only what has become older :-). The buyers rigorously adhere to the Chanel style. They cover themselves from top to toe in items with double C, preferably in black and white, and complete the look than with pearl chains and the latest Chanel bags (at this point we shot a study from 2016 that showed that a Chanel Bag is the best investment – the bags will increase significantly in the course of time – but we think it’s Chanel’s need to do something else).