Shoe trends fall winter 2017 2018. Pumps are back, and how!

The shoe trends fall winter 2017 2018? ‘ It’s complicated ‘ comes spontaneously in us. What a variety of shoes we are going to see this season! Of boots in all possible versions – from ankle boots to scarves – to sandals and yes, also pumps! Pumps are back all the way back.

It’s unbelievable how fashion designers still come up with new, surprising designs every time. Of course, fashion is all about lines and shapes – it’s their profession to focus on design – yet it keeps us amazed. Even more striking is that we see the same lines and often appear on several/many catwalks in the same season – the so-called “trends” – while the fashion collections are actually strictly secret to the time of the show. How the ‘ fashion is not clear but it works, it’s clear.


V-neck pumps
So it should not surprise us that we are on several catwalks for autumn winter 2017 2018 pumps with ” V-necks ‘ – V-necks – encounter: very low on the instep cut shoes that show much bare skin (something in the generally considered to be sexy). In addition, these pumps often look pretty pointed, another shoe center for fall-winter 2017 2018. On some catwalks, for example at Maison Margiela, we even saw genuine ‘ decolletés ‘ (a term we always find fun when it comes to shoes!): pumps with such a low cutout that even the beginning of the toes can be seen. The heels range from half to high and are usually quite firm.


White and nudes
The shoe trending is thus: high-heeled shoes with a low decolleté and pointed noses. Another striking trend is the colours. Black, brown and red dominate, but in addition to this winter we also see white pumps, something that is unusual and also a lot of nudes . Especially those nudes we find beautiful. Skin colours have the advantage that they make your legs and feet look slimmer because they do not break the line of your legs with a contrasting colour. If you go for pumps with a deeply cut decolleté, your feet look super slim!