How to buy fashionable party dresses without paying a high price

Every woman wants to include multiple-night uses in her wardrobe for use on multiple occasions and ceremonies. As most women receive wedding invitations throughout the year, they would rather have several modern and elegant evening dresses. It is also a common practice among many other women possess several night suits to complement nature and dress code specific to different events.

However, there are many cases, when a woman did not buy the good night clothes, despite the payment of a high price. You can always consider investing a certain amount of time and effort to buy a cheap evening dress that looks expensive, trendy and fashionable. Elegant asymmetrical evening dress for your wardrobe, it is essential to do some initial research. You can find many online articles and blogs that cover different aspects of good evening dress selection.


It’s also a good idea to browse through a series of fashion sites to understand the latest trends in evening wear. You can even consider collecting the suggestions and comments of your friends and co-workers to buy night sets of source devices right. In addition to checking current celebrity trends, you can also check out the latest floral and print fantasy creations. If you buy the evening attire to attend the wedding and reception celebrations to a close friend, you have to focus on a few extra points.


Remember that the best wedding night outfit should be chosen to complement the date, place and theme of the wedding. For example, you have to consider different facts of the night to look at the indoor and outdoor weddings. Likewise, the weather and the wedding time will also affect the choice of the appropriate wedding party dress. After deciding on the right fabric, colour, design pattern and costume during the night, it’s time to compare the available store options.

You can buy expensive and cheap evening dresses in the shops and online. Many girls prefer to buy dresses at local shops after trying on various clothes, but local fashion stores and boutiques charge a high price for being worn last night and in fashion. At the same time, you can find a lot of dress online stores that offer the latest styles of evening wear at a discounted and affordable price. If you decide to buy the device overnight online, it is advisable to choose an online store that offers a money back guarantee and free shipping. These options will help you buy the best wedding dresses from the right source and without having to pay a high price.

Shoe trends fall winter 2017 2018. Pumps are back, and how!

The shoe trends fall winter 2017 2018? ‘ It’s complicated ‘ comes spontaneously in us. What a variety of shoes we are going to see this season! Of boots in all possible versions – from ankle boots to scarves – to sandals and yes, also pumps! Pumps are back all the way back.

It’s unbelievable how fashion designers still come up with new, surprising designs every time. Of course, fashion is all about lines and shapes – it’s their profession to focus on design – yet it keeps us amazed. Even more striking is that we see the same lines and often appear on several/many catwalks in the same season – the so-called “trends” – while the fashion collections are actually strictly secret to the time of the show. How the ‘ fashion is not clear but it works, it’s clear.


V-neck pumps
So it should not surprise us that we are on several catwalks for autumn winter 2017 2018 pumps with ” V-necks ‘ – V-necks – encounter: very low on the instep cut shoes that show much bare skin (something in the generally considered to be sexy). In addition, these pumps often look pretty pointed, another shoe center for fall-winter 2017 2018. On some catwalks, for example at Maison Margiela, we even saw genuine ‘ decolletés ‘ (a term we always find fun when it comes to shoes!): pumps with such a low cutout that even the beginning of the toes can be seen. The heels range from half to high and are usually quite firm.


White and nudes
The shoe trending is thus: high-heeled shoes with a low decolleté and pointed noses. Another striking trend is the colours. Black, brown and red dominate, but in addition to this winter we also see white pumps, something that is unusual and also a lot of nudes . Especially those nudes we find beautiful. Skin colours have the advantage that they make your legs and feet look slimmer because they do not break the line of your legs with a contrasting colour. If you go for pumps with a deeply cut decolleté, your feet look super slim!

Simons Dior was great

Applause for Raf Simons. He has given the fashion house Christian Dior a very modern twist in a short period of time.


On the catwalk tight and graphic silhouettes – very minimalist – with striking prints and edits. The prints showed wave movements that were combined in different color schemes and sometimes even thought of ‘body paint’. Paillettes and glossy ‘gridwork’ gave tunes and long-haired gifts the idea of ​​’fishing’.

The high boots with plexiglass heels had something from the 1970s, but were ultimately very futuristic. And the bags … that had color shades where tropical fish would be jealous!

Simons Dior is innovative, modern, refined. Raf Simons has taken an interesting road. We are looking forward to the future …

Do not do this to your eyebrows!

Everyone is focused on perfect eyebrows today. As before, the eyebrows are central to the makeup. They must be taken care of and the ideal shape for your face. No woman who does not wear her eyebrows today. But beware: errors are on the run.


When it comes to the shape of your eyebrows, each hair counts. In addition, the method you choose to shape your eyebrows is very important. Thus, the experts warn of the use of wax or resin. This extensive hair removal method can inhibit hair growth and damage the hair roots.

But the biggest mistake is according to the experts: KNIPPEN your eyebrows. As a result, the hairs become brittle, stiff and darker. In addition, “holes” may develop between the hairs that are usually covered by the hair length of the (cut) eyebrows. And then you have to get started with an eyebrow pencil to fill the holes … Do not cut it, it’s advice!

Some tips on wearing prom dresses

The big night is approaching and many students are looking for the beautiful long dress to go to the ball. The choice is so vast that it is better to get ready for shopping. To help you, I present you this year’s trends and some useful tips!


Write down the addresses and book a good day to find your dress. You can also make an order online, but beware, sales sites that come from elsewhere often have bad surprises … Often, the dress does not look at all the same pace as what you saw in the picture; the fit is not good and the fabric of poor quality. It is best to order only if the store is located in your area.  However, there has lots of great online shop and this picture’s company has many perfect dress thay called Chicregina you can reference it.

There are dresses for all tastes, but I would say that the princess style is down. The trend is rather to dresses inspired by red carpets. Classy and classy evening dresses, with close-fitting cuts. The necklines are still dizzying and backs are discovered amply.

Warning: too much is not enough! If you wear long chandelier earrings, that’s enough. In fact, you should focus on one big jewel. We forget the big tote bag at home and bring a small clutch bag or a clutch. Better to match the colour of the shoes with the dress or go with metallic colours that go with everything.

Street style at Chanel. Inspire your own autumn look!

The Chanel Fashion Show is an event not only because of the show itself but also the whole thing about it. Photographing Street Style at Chanel is the dream of every street style photographer, even though there has been a lot of change in recent years.


Chanel still shows, as always, at the Grand Palais, the immensely large glass exhibition hall that was built for the world exhibition in Paris in 1900, but the location around the Grand Palais is becoming less accessible. Once upon a time, you could enlist the Chanel invitees for the impressive entrance gates of the Palais, but there is no more of it. Large gates close down the stairs and the pavement for the Palais. You can only get there if you have a ‘ carte ‘ (invitation). Street style photographers should do it with a side street with penetration gates as decor.

The public (the invitees) themselves, however, has changed little, only what has become older :-). The buyers rigorously adhere to the Chanel style. They cover themselves from top to toe in items with double C, preferably in black and white, and complete the look than with pearl chains and the latest Chanel bags (at this point we shot a study from 2016 that showed that a Chanel Bag is the best investment – the bags will increase significantly in the course of time – but we think it’s Chanel’s need to do something else).

It’s summer of handsfree bags

Whether you’re going to dance the stars of the sky at the summer festival or go shopping for a while, these bags are giant hand and super hip. It’s all about those 80’s trends: fanny packs – those pockets that carry your hips – are weather and vogue. But in a modern version. Nowadays you just wrap your leather handbag around your hips, or crossover your skirt, or on your back …
The fashion designers took the 1980s fanny packs as a starting point and further released their fantasy. Forgotten are the envelope bags of a few years ago that you carried a lot of Ladylike in your hand or clenched under your arm, with all the inconvenience that came with it: no space for your dumbbells, one hand constantly occupied by that little bag plus an increased risk of losing the bag itself because how often did you not scatter it somewhere?

No, do these hands-free bags with quite a bit of space and that safe “I-carry-my-bag-on-my-body” feel (only with that “bag-on-back” construction is it look out for because you have less control). Not to mention the look. It’s super cool!

Let your imagination go. Experiment with your handbags, pick up some chains or combine different hinges. Mix and match and construct your own handsfree bags.