Do not do this to your eyebrows!

Everyone is focused on perfect eyebrows today. As before, the eyebrows are central to the makeup. They must be taken care of and the ideal shape for your face. No woman who does not wear her eyebrows today. But beware: errors are on the run.


When it comes to the shape of your eyebrows, each hair counts. In addition, the method you choose to shape your eyebrows is very important. Thus, the experts warn of the use of wax or resin. This extensive hair removal method can inhibit hair growth and damage the hair roots.

But the biggest mistake is according to the experts: KNIPPEN your eyebrows. As a result, the hairs become brittle, stiff and darker. In addition, “holes” may develop between the hairs that are usually covered by the hair length of the (cut) eyebrows. And then you have to get started with an eyebrow pencil to fill the holes … Do not cut it, it’s advice!

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